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Fedeli says Liberal MP should read the budget before claiming Tories are cutting long-term care

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli says if his federal counterpart in Nickel Belt wants to criticize the provincial budget, he should read it first.

Fedeli was reacting to comments from Liberal MP Marc Serre who expressed concerns about long-term care reductions the Ford government has made.

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“He should at least respect his taxpayers and read (the budget) before he makes these kinds of comments which are absolutely 100 percent dead wrong,” Fedeli said.

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“He should be embarrassed and quite frankly his constituents should be embarrassed that he’s done that as well.”

Fedeli said the provincial government is spending a considerable amount of money on the health care system.

He says the Ford government is increasing health care funding by $1.3 billion this year alone.

Fedeli says hospitals are on the receiving end of $384-million additional money this year while an extra $267-million is going to home and community care.

Fedeli also wants Serre to take note of the fact that the Tories are spending $1.75 billion in new money to create 15,000 long-term care beds over five years.

He adds about seven thousand long-term care beds have been announced.

Fedeli also says in Nipissing District, the North Bay Regional Health Centre has received an additional $4.5 million while the Mattawa Hospital was on the receiving end of almost $1 million for long-term care.

Fedeli said Serre would know all this had he taken the time to read the budget.

“But it’s obvious Mr. Serre is using talking points from before the budget where they (the Liberals) had made their plans on what to say before actually reading anything,” Fedeli said.






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