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Fedeli attacks on Liberal budget continue

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli continues to hammer at the Liberals and what he calls their sham budget. Fedeli went after the finance minister in Question Period over claims future budgets will be balanced.  But the Tory finance critic says the Liberals are using two gimmicks to achieve smaller deficits in the short-term.  He says the first is the 4.3 cent-a-litre fuel tax the Liberals will collect at gas pumps and the second is using money from the sale of Hydro One.

Fedeli says the Wynne Liberals aren’t fooling anyone with a pre-election number-fudging scheme.  He adds the Financial Accountability Officer has told the Liberals that once the money from the sale of Hydro One is spent, they’re going to have a hard time producing a balanced budget after 2017.

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