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Elliot Lake council rejects mayor’s resolution to regulate Ontario gas prices

In a 4-3 vote, Elliot Lake City council is saying no to regulated gas prices in Ontario.  Mayor Dan Marchisella wanted the Ontario government to regulate prices in an effort to stop a 30 percent price differential across the province.  Marchisella says higher gas prices force transportation-dependent goods like food up, but told his councillors they can make a difference by passing his resolution.

Marchisella also asked council to base their arguments on what’s good for the community and not let partisan politics get in the way.   However, the majority of council didn’t buy Marchisella’s argument.  Councillor Tammy VanRoon for example claims regulated prices won’t eliminate price differentials and will increase costs because the province will have to create a regulatory body to oversee prices.

Councillor Norm Mann says it’s a complex issue but read recently that people can bring gas down by using less of the fuel.  And Candace Martin said she didn’t have the resources to know if regulating gas prices would work adding the province has the resources.  Even though Marchisella’s resolution failed, the issue may not be over.  That’s because in North Bay, city councillor Mike Anthony plans to introduce a similar motion to regulate gas prices at next Monday’s meeting.

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