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Bribery trial in Sudbury

The heavyweight Liberal fundraiser in Sudbury accused of bribery is back in court December 1st.  Gerry Lougheed Junior is charged with counselling an offense not committed and negotiating appointments.  Lougheed was charged in September for allegedly bribing a Liberal candidate not to run in a provincial by-election.  It’s alleged Andrew Olivier was offered an incentive if he let another candidate seek last year’s nomination.  Lougheed’s December 1st appearance will deal with a judicial pre-trial.

Meanwhile, it turns out that before he was charged, Gerry Lougheed Junior had some of his legal bills paid for by the Ontario Liberal Party.  Lougheed faces bribe-related charges and had a court appearance on Wednesday.  While his case was before the courts, the NDP asked the Liberals in Question Period if the Party or government were paying his legal expenses.  The Liberals said once he was charged in September, all payment for his bills stopped.  It’s not known how much money the Liberal Party spent on Lougheed’s legal bills or expenses.

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