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Fedeli: LHIN’s use up valuable front-line health dollars

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli says the latest hospital cuts in North Bay are the result of misspending by the Wynne Liberals.  Fedeli says healthcare money exists, it’s just that the Liberals spend it non-productively.  Fedeli says one of those wasted areas are the Local Health Integration Networks.  He says these agencies are useless and as proof he adds recently the North East LHIN couldn’t meet any of its performance indicators.  He says there are 14 metrics the LHINs meet and the North East LHIN failed in every category.  Fedeli says the CEO of the North East LHIN responded by spending $750,000 redecorating the LHIN’s Sudbury offices.  Fedeli says if the Liberals stopped funneling money to the LHINs, which don’t provide any front-line services, there would be more cash for hospitals.  But the Tory finance critic says the Liberals won’t disband the LHINs because management are “Liberal hacks” as he calls them put in place by the Liberals as a reward for supporting the party.

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