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Astorville woman recovering from Flesh Eating Disease

Flesh eating disease has changed an Astorville woman’s life forever.

Deborah Charette was gardening this past May when she got bit by a black fly. She cleaned off the bite, put some Polysporin on it, and went on with her day.  She didn’t think much of it, until two days later when her husband rushed her to the hospital.

The three weeks following were anyone’s worst nightmare. Some sort of bacteria had entered Charette’s bloodstream, and was attacking her organs. The hospital called her husband and said if they didn’t operate, she would lose her life. Charette ended up having her left breast removed, where she was originally bit. Doctors confirmed when they opened her up that it was flesh eating disease.  Doctors do not know how Charette contracted flesh eating disease, but do not believe it was from the black fly.

She spent three weeks in the hospital and is still recovering from the mental and physical impacts of the disease. She is hoping her story will make people more aware of their health. Health Canada estimates that there are 90 to 200 cases of flesh eating disease a year in Canada.

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