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Mayoral candidate Dan Roveda wants the community to get its swagger back

Mayoral candidate Dan Roveda says he’s heard a lot of positive feedback during his campaign.

He says what he’s heard the most is residents want a council that will move the community forward.

“They want a mayor that listens and lets council debate in a safe environment,” says Roveda. “[A mayor] who is accessible and communicates with citizens. People want us to have a plan for the next four years, a roadmap to keep us accountable and for us to report on it.”

Roveda says he’s heard about the housing, doctor and labour shortages along with wanting the municipality to invest in infrastructure for better roads and sidewalks along with investing in elderly care, the Au Chateau reconstruction, apartments and retirement residences.

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Those are just some of the many issues Roveda says he’s heard throughout the community.

“I’ve also heard a lot about a respite program and especially for those affected with Alzheimer’s,” he adds.

“I want to push for better services, more investment from both the provincial and federal governments for my infrastructure projects by working collaboratively with them. Not going after them in a negative way. I think I have the experience for that. I’ve worked at both levels. I also want to work with our local [District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board] to enhance our daycare and continue our bilingual, 24-hour EMS service. And I will work collaboratively with our health unit to continue having a solid public health policy.”

Roveda says the Weyerhaeuser property is also a big talking point for many residents.

“It’s something that’s going to be great for the community. It’s a great piece of land,” says Roveda as he mentions the possibility of maybe a retirement home on the property.

Roveda says if elected he plans to have office hours and monthly reports so that council and community can move in unison.

“It’s no secret that the last four years have been on and off. We’ve had all kinds of issues. We need to create an environment for debate by respecting the decisions of council. We have to create a safe environment,” says Roveda. “I sit on boards where I feel safe providing my opinion. […] The chair allows time to express yourself without interrupting you. I think that’s how we have to move forward. Creating an environment where debate is looked upon as being positive.”

Roveda says a safe environment around the table will lead to a safe environment for staff.

“Staff will go the extra mile if they feel safe. They’ll bring great things to the table. It’s not saying we don’t ask questions or get them to elaborate, but it’s got to be a safe environment,” he says.

Roveda says he has the leadership skills, experience, and background to move the community forward.

“My goal is to get our swagger back. Lets get this positive moment going. People want this community to move positively.” he says.



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