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NORAD getting ready to track Santa

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While Santa may be busy checking his lists right now, military members at 22 Wing/CFB North Bay are checking their computers and radars. 

They’re taking part in the NORAD Tracks Santa program again this year. Captain Darren Ashton, Senior Director 21 Aerospace Control and Warning Squadron, says they’re getting ready to detect, identify, and escort Santa as he enters Canadian airspace on December 24th.  

“We’ve been practicing our identification using the computers and radars to track objects throughout Canadian airspace,” he says. “Generally our ServOps have been training hard to make sure they can identify Santa as he comes across our warning sites.  Our weapons controllers have been training very closely with our pilots so they can provide the best and safest way to intercept Santa on that night.” 

The website is already active with games, music, movies and more. 

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Captain Ashton says the kids can check it out now and visit again on December 24th. 

“They can interact with widgets online to track Santa throughout the night and to read up on the history of NORAD Tracks Santa, as well,” he says. 

On top of mobile apps, there’s the traditional phone number to call, 1-877-HI-NORAD. 

The NORAD Tracks Santa program has been running since 1955. 

Official NORAD Tracks Santa Spokesperson portrait of Captain Darren Ashton, 21 Aerospace Control and Warning Squadron, Wolverine Flight, 22 Wing North Bay taken at 22 Wing Imagery on the 23rd of November 2021.
Photo by: Master Corporal Alana Morin, 22 Wing Imagery, CFB North Bay.
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