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Federal election results for Nickel Belt

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UPDATE: 12:26AM: It looks like Marc Serré will remain Nickel Belt’s member of parliament. As of 12:26am Tuesday morning, Serré had over 12,000 votes in the riding, or nearly 33% of all votes. Serré has represented Nickel Belt in the House of Commons since 2015. These results are not final, however. Mail-in ballots will not begin to be counted until Tuesday and no results are considered final until that process has ended.


Polls in the 44th federal election have closed and the tallying has begun. People across Nickel Belt and the country voted on Monday.

Here is a look at the local numbers. Please note, these results are not final. Final results will not be available until mail-in ballots are certified and counted. That process does not begin until Tuesday, September 21st. Elections Canada reports that process may take two to five days.

This page will be updated three times an hour throughout election night.

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Party – Number of votes as of 12:26am

Liberal – Marc G Serré – 12,400

New Democratic Party (NDP) – Andréane Simone Chénier – 10,718

Conservative – Charles Humphrey – 10,350

People’s Party (PPC) – David Hobbs – 3,578

Green Party – Craig Gravelle – 676

Polling stations are now closed across Canada.

The Liberal Party will form a minority government.

As of 11:23 pm Monday night the national elected results are as follows

Liberal Party: 113 elected (leading 44)

Conservatives: 104 elected (leading 18)

Bloc Quebecois: 25 elected (leading 4)

NDP: 16 (leading 12)

Green Party: 0 (leading 2)

People’s Party of Canada: 0 (0 leading)

To form a majority government one party must win at least 170 seats. Mail-in ballots will not begin to be counted until Tuesday, no results are final until that process has ended.

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