For the first time since April 19th, any vehicle can cross the border from Quebec into Ontario.

It was closed by the Ford government to keep COVID-19 from getting into our province and reopened at midnight.

That includes four crossings between the one east of North Bay to the one east of Cochrane, which were all staffed by OPP officers.

Acting Sgt. Phil Young has stats up until this past Monday morning.

“We’re looking at a total vehicle entry of 21,637,” he says. “Total denied during that time frame is 286.”

Vehicles on essential trips into Ontario and commercial trucks were exempt from the no-crossing rule.

Young says there were few problems.  Officers laid five charges under the emergency legislation and arrested two impaired drivers. The only incident happened Sunday at the crossing east of New Liskeard.

“It’s still being investigated right now, but there is a report of a stolen Ministry of Transportation Ontario road sign.”