There were 80 more job postings in the Nipissing District during February compared to January.

The Labour Market Group (LMG) calls this a “significant increase” noting the 295 jobs posted during February represented a 37.5 percent increase from the previous month.

The February numbers, however, are still below the five-year average.

“In the case of February the 2021 figure was notably below; -17.9% (-64), the 5-year February average of 359 job postings,” the LMG stated in its monthly jobs report.

100 percent of the jobs posted during the month could be found online, with about a third requiring a driver’s license.

Almost a quarter (23 percent) of jobs posted were in health care and social assistance, with 13 postings just for personal support workers.

Transportation and warehousing made up 12.5 percent of postings while 10 percent of jobs were in accommodation and food services.

37 percent of job postings indicated a college education was required, with 20 percent requiring no formal education.

63 percent of jobs posted in February were full-time, with 60 percent being permanent positions.