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Water meter rates set

After months of debate and going back and forth, North Bay council has set its water meter rates with some compromises.  What doesn’t change is the rate which is 60 percent fixed and 40 percent variable.  By 2018 those numbers will be reversed with 40 percent becoming the fixed rate and 60 percent the variable.  Instead of taking effect in July, the meters become active in September.  Also in the New Year people will have the option to pay their bills monthly online.  Getting a monthly paper bill could result in an additional charge.   The vote wasn’t unanimous.  It passed 8-3 with councillors Mike Anthony, Mark King and Mac Bain opposed.  Bain wanted more movement on the industrial, commercial and multi residential rates, something that’s been a bone of contention for many homeowners.  The vice chair of the general governance committee Derek Shogren admits the structure isn’t equitable.  But Shogren adds in the future council will try to address some of the inequities.

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