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Premier says “most” of Ontario doing something right but don’t go to backyard parties

Premier Doug Ford says for the most part Ontarians are doing something right to control the spread of COVID-19.  When asked by Vista Radio if the government’s message just isn’t getting through as the numbers continue to rise and backyard parties persist, Ford says that it is a very small percentage of people not following the rules.

Ford did point out that even with a small number of people not practicing public health measures with COVID-19 it only takes a small percentage to get COVID-19 up and going again, “It goes through like lightning. That’s the problem. It only takes one backyard party with 50 people and those 50 people leave and give it to another 50 and another 50 and it just starts compounding.”

Ford says most people are following the “Golden Rule” (public health restrictions) advice from health and science but says overall, “we are still doing really, really good.”

Ford says we have to police our neighbours, “The neighbours, you gotta call them out, your friends, gotta call them out.  If you know you’re going to a party, don’t go to the party.  It’s simple.  You aren’t going to miss anything.  There will be a lot more parties in the future.”

He ended by encouraging people to continue to practice physical distancing and wished everyone a safe and healthy weekend.

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