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Premier warns students returning to post-secondary schools, “No parties.”

Another day and another media briefing where Premier Doug Ford had to defend his government’s back to school plan. Ford encouraged parents to send their children to class saying the province has the best plan in the country.

Ford says the first number he asks for during his morning briefing is the rate of infection among kids under nineteen and then how many seniors.  He says he is concerned about the increased rate of infection among 20 to 39-year-olds issuing this warning, “I understand, kids have to get out there, and be with their friends. But guys just be careful when you get back to school, no partying [colleges and universities].  I feel like a Dad sitting there preaching to the kids, and I don’t want to be, but it’s critical.  No parties when you go back to colleges and universities.”

He says his worry along with the doctors at the province’s health table is what happens when students go home to their parents and grandparents and how they could infect family members who are not as resilient as young people.

Ford ended his briefing by saying, “We have this one, we’re ready.”

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