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Local OPP lays over 500 charges during Civic Holiday Weekend

OPP North East Region is reporting they laid over 500 charges over the Civic Holiday Weekend. The figures are similar to last year which they say is concerning.

“We can’t pinpoint exactly why that number is that number. It’s something that concerns us, however, and it concerns us that people still are not getting the message, are still not slowing down, still don’t have their seat belts on, and aren’t moving over. We need people to focus on driving, and thinking about the laws when they are behind the wheel. That directly leads to saving lives.” Said OPP Sgt. Chrystal Jones.

Jones says that “across the northeast region, we laid over 500 speeding charges over the weekend,” she said. “5 of them were for stunt driving which means the vehicle was going 50km or more over the speed limit.”

One of those stunt driving charges was in North Bay.

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She shares the main focus of the weekend was their “Move Over” campaign, which looks for drivers who fail to move over for emergency vehicles when it is safe to do so. 18 charges were laid against drivers who didn’t do just that.

The charges are similar to last year, where a little over 500 speeding charges were also laid.

Across the province, the OPP says that officers laid over 6,000 over the holiday weekend.

Of those, the OPP says nearly 4,200 were speeding charges, and over 120 were charges laid for racing and stunt driving. Officers also laid nearly 200 charges against drivers who failed to move over for emergency vehicles when it was safe to do so.

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