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4 people saved by WNFS

A man, woman, and two young children are safe after they were rescued by the West Nipissing Fire Services (WNFS).

WNFS Chief Richard Maranda says that he received the call Monday afternoon, shortly after 1pm.

“The two adults were one those paddle boats… and it started taking on water. They were pulling a dingy, which had a little boy and a little girl,” said the chief. “The father then tried to pull both units to the center island in the middle of the lake, and after a while he just got exhausted and couldn’t move anymore. That’s when the phone call came. Thank goodness they had a phone available.”

Maranda says that no one was injured, and all four were examined by EMS who were waiting onshore.

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“Everybody was fine… thank god. I’m sure it was scary, especially for the two adults.” said the Chief.

Maranda says that the two children had life jackets, but the adults did not.

“A perfect example of how a [personal floating device] can save your life. If you go out on the water, please wear one. He was still in the water when we got to the scene. We were lucky we found them as quickly as we did. It was a scary call to receive.” said Maranda

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