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North Bay Pride looking for talent

With plans on hold for North Bay’s Pride Month, the community is looking for talent from the 2SLGBTQ+ community for a Facebook live event to be held in September.

“We know we cannot have a regular festival this year like we have had in the past due to COVID-19, so we thought long and hard on how we can promote some local talent during these difficult times to raise pride spirits and show the world what we can do in North Bay and Area!” said Pride CEO Clifford Hummel.

The show, set for September 18, is being organized by Bobby Legassie and Jenn Tennant. Legassie says they hope the event will be big.

“We are looking for talent, any talent. We want to see what North Bay and Area has to offer so we can show the world, what we are about,” explained Lagassie. “We are proud of who we are and how far we have come so let us show a new side of pride that is not normally shared on such a large platform like Facebook. We have limited number of spaces to fill but let us know what you can do.”

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Jason Maclennan, the media relations contact for Pride, says Pride is still a very important event, even if it’s not in the same sense because of COVID-19. He adds with the current protests, Pride matters more now.

“Pride is a protest and will always be a protest. We can see how much Pride is needed these days. Black Lives Matter and our Indigenous communities remind us that society is still challenged by the colour of one’s skin and sexual orientation,” Maclennan said. “Until discrimination ends and everyone is treated equally, there will be no rest for Pride across Canada. This is exactly why Pride is still so important today.”

“Pride is to stand shoulder to shoulder and stand by those who face oppression. We stand with our community; we stand with our Indigenous families and we stand with Black Lives Matter,” Maclennan added. “We must not ever forget the grassroots of Pride.”

North Bay Pride is accepting submissions until June 30. If you are interested in participating, send an email to

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