The pride flag is flying high at Minnehaha Bay.

Jeremy Seguin, one of the organizers of West Nipissing Pride says they’re blown away by the support.

“West Nipissing Pride started as a group of like-minded people just a few months ago,” he said. “At that time, all we were seeking was a sense of belonging, recognition, and a little bit of respect. We really just wanted to start out slowly, but instead, we were met with tremendous community support, loving words, personal exchanges, and now our flag flying high.”

Mayor Joanne Savage was on hand for the presentation and says there is a home in West Nipissing for the LGBTQ2+ community in the municipality.

“I, Mayor Joanne Savage, and the members of West Nipissing council hereby proclaim June 2020 as Gay Pride month in West Nipissing,” she said. “I encourage our residents to reflect on the ongoing struggle for equality for members of the LGBTQ2+ community and celebrate the contributions that enhance our municipality and its communities.”

“This is the day that we, the residents of West Nipissing can say it is no longer acceptable to discriminate,” Seguin said. “This is the day that we state that hate speech will no longer be tolerated and that loving free speech will be the only message we listen to.”

“This is the day that West Nipissing celebrates the power and beauty of diversity by allowing all of us to shine,” he added.