The official number of COVID-19 cases not reported by the William Osler Health System is 485, down drastically than first thought.

This just one day after Ontario’s Minister of Health confirmed that nearly 700 cases were not reported.  According to an Ontario Health official in an email sent to Vista Radio, upon further investigation, the agency found out the original report of 700 cases was an overestimate.

They also took full responsibility for the reporting mix-up that led to the cases not being reported to Public Health.

The Ministry of Health says the impact of the error may not be fully understood for some time, given that a small number of the 485 positive COVID-19 patients were not aware they tested positive and may have contributed to the further spread of the virus in the province

In the statement, the agency also said that calls to the patients involved have confirmed the majority of patients knew they had had a positive test result through the online portal.