Ontario’s Minister of Health confirmed there were about 700 cases of COVID-19 that were not reported to public health.

Christine Elliot says the reason behind the mix up is a misunderstanding between the hospital and the lab that did the testing. She says the issue has been dealt with and it won’t happen again.

Elliot says notices have been sent out to the hospitals or the assessment centres where the tests were done indicating that it is their responsibility to notify Public Health. She also reminded Ontarians that when people go to assessment centres or hospitals to be tested, they are told they could receive their results online and how to get that information.

Elliot says, “Some of the cases in question MAY have been told when and if they tested positive that they needed to self-isolate and make sure that they didn’t be in touch with other people.”

She says the province is now contact tracing and managing the cases accordingly to ensure everyone involved is safe and healthy and to provide additional testing for those who may need it.