With the warmer weather starting and more on the way, the OPP is reminding residents of the dangers of thin ice.

Police say that ice begins to be considered safe at four to six inches. If the ice is under four inches, do not step foot on the lake or river.

According to officials, these are the general rules to follow when thinking of venturing out onto an ice surface:

  • 3″ (7 cm) (new ice) – Keep Off
  • 4″ (10 cm) – suitable for ice fishing, cross-country skiing and walking (approx. 200 pounds)
  • 5″ (12 cm) – suitable for a single snowmobile or ATV (approx. 800 pounds)
  • 8″ – 12″ (20 – 30 cm) – suitable for one car, group of people (approx. 1500 – 2000 pounds)
  • 12″ – 15″ (30 – 38 cm) – suitable for a light pickup truck or a van

Officers add you should always inform others of outdoor travel plans, route, and estimate time of return. Wearing proper gear, like a floater coat or suit, and carrying proper survival equipment when travelling on ice is also recommended.