West Nipissing Mayor Joanne Savage has proclaimed April as “Be A Donor” month in the municipality.

Be a donor month supports organ and tissue donor registration.

“Over 1,600 people in Ontario are on the waitlist and every three days someone dies waiting for a life-saving organ transplant,” Savage says in her proclamation. “In 2019, 382 deceased and 302 living donors saved the lives of 1,386 people through transplant. 2,364 tissue donors enhanced the lives of thousands more and through the gift of eyes, bone, skin or heart valves.”

She adds in Ontario, the majority of the province supports organ and tissue donation, but only 34 per cent of eligible residents are registered as donors. Families almost always consent to donation when a loved one has registered their decision to donate, however, in the absence of a registered donation decision, families only consent half the time.

“Everyone is a potential organ and tissue donor, regardless of age; one organ donor can save up to eight lives and enhance the lives of up to 75 more through the gift of tissue,” Savage stated. “I encourage all residents to learn more about organ and tissue donation and transplantation, and consider pledging their support to Be A Donor month by registering as a donor.”

If you are interested in becoming an organ and tissue donor, you can register online.