Remain calm, and stay at home.

That is the message from the West Nipissing Emergency Control Group, according to Mayor Joanne Savage.

“There is a lot of frustration out in the community regarding individuals that may not be complying with the regulations that are being imposed by our health professionals,” she said. “We urge people to make sure they keep themselves well informed and educated on the coronavirus and depend on reliable sources.”

“We don’t want people to be misled,” Savage continued. “Or avoid misleading information which can create panic. We want people to remain calm, keep themselves updated from the health unit, the West Nipissing General Hospital, and the communication department at town hall is doing a great job.”

Savage says to help some vulnerable members of the community, don’t be afraid to reach out.

“We are blessed in the area that we reside,” she explained. “We have health professionals that we work with and we are guided by. We’re a strong caring community, and throughout this period, let’s maintain that.”

“If you have a neighbour, a friend or a relative that you know is vulnerable, reach out and provide them support,” Savage added. “The municipality does realize that a lot of people want to help and contribute, but at this point, there hasn’t been any need, however, we do want to maintain a record.”

If you are interested in being on a list the municipality can get a hold of if help is needed, call 705-753-2250, or email

“We will be the liaison to not-for-profit groups, our health service providers or any other organizations that would ever need any help,” Savage said. “We will have a list that we can share and implement action plans as required.”

“If there is a critical time to work together, the time is now,” she added. “We all have an important role to play to reduce the spread of COVID-19.”