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Direct water services to Verner remains a goal of West Nipissing council

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It remains the goal of the West Nipissing council to extend water services directly to Verner.

The issue was raised at the Rural Ontario Municipal Association conference although Mayor Joanne Savage says no direct request was made for funding at this time.

Savage says instead council did backroom lobbying with government officials to explain the need.

At this time it’s not possible to put forth a funding request.

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However, Savage notes that will change once the results of an Environmental Assessment are available.

Earlier, council approved spending $100,000 on the EA which the Mayor says will outline all options at council’s disposal.

“From those options, we will have a very clear picture of the actual costs and what options council will decide upon at that point,” Savage said.

Savage says the municipality can’t tackle the project alone and will need government financial support.

The Mayor says that means at some point the municipality will develop a strategic plan on how to advocate for the funds.

She says it’s not something that can happen quickly but says council is committed to getting direct water services to Verner.

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