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Council looking into making garbage cans available in the downtown over winter

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Chances are good that garbage cans will again make an appearance in downtown West Nipissing.

The cans are removed each winter so they aren’t damaged during snow removal operations.

But as council heard, that results in small garbage bags sprawled across sidewalks.

Mayor Joanne Savage says council wants to provide the cans but it also wants to reduce the risk of them getting damaged over the winter.

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The cans aren’t cheap and the Mayor says the municipality wants to see them last more than one season.

Savage suggested adopting a policy in the New Year where council can form a partnership with businesses for a return of the outdoor cans.

Councillor Jeremy Seguin plans to bring up the issue with the West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce.

Seguin also proposed a possible solution to having the cans become available over the winter.

On a recent trip to Quebec City, Seguin noticed the city has a system of garbage cans connected to lamp posts.

This approach keeps the cans off the ground and out of the way of snow plows when clearing the streets.

“It’s a novel idea and it’s better looking,” Seguin said.

“It’s safer for employees and aesthetically pleasing.”

Seguin told his council colleagues that placing the cans on lamp posts would extend their lives.


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