One of the topics of discussion at last night’s council meeting was about a “Community Well Being Plan.”

“We are legislated by the province to adopt a Community Well Being and Safety plan for West Nipissing,” Mayor Joanne Savage said. “This plan has to be finalized by January 2021.”

There were some webinars and presentations brought forward to council a couple of months back according to Savage. The basis of the plan is with policing.

“It is a new direction that has been identified by the province and it involves our policing and making sure that we can work together in resolving issues within our communities,” Savage explained. “Not just depending on one body to do this.”

The first step is to have a round table with all the community partners that can potentially assist with the development of the plan.

“Last night we discussed which partners that could participate in the process so we could follow the framework,” Savage said. “The whole objective is to keep our community safe and how people can also be engaged in the process so they can identify what the concerns are and that we have a plan in place and that we all take ownership and responsibility and that people can feel comfortable in their communities.”