42 people have been injured fatally so far this year by not properly buckling up.

That number comes from the OPP and encompasses OPP patrolled roadways.

As the OPP gear up for their Fall Seatbelt Campaign, they are taking the time to remind drivers that being ejected from the vehicle is not the only threat they have to worry about while not wearing a seatbelt during a collision.

233 vehicle deaths over the past five years have been related to lack of seat belt use and 103 of those were revealed to have been ejected upon the collision, while the other 130 passed due to injuries sustained inside of the vehicle.

This year’s number of 42 represents a 20 percent spike from the 35 seatbelt related deaths at this time last year.

During the campaign, the OPP will be highly visible throughout the area as they conduct education and enforcement initiatives aimed at getting drivers and passengers to do their part to save lives by buckling up and ensuring children are properly restrained.