One tradition of the IPM is that at the end of the event, there is a new Queen of the Furrow announced.

Think a Prom Queen, but with more responsibilities.

“As Ontario Queen of the Furrow I get to travel all across Ontario and go to all different agriculture events,” Derika Nauta, the 2018-19 Queen said. “I get to go to farm shows, plowing matches, schools. I get to not only promote the International plowing match but also get to promote agriculture and decrease the barrier between urban and rural.”

Nauta has some first-hand experiences at these events of course since she had been crowned at the 2018 IPM in Chatham-Kent, so who better to describe how the IPM will unfold than Derika?

“There are three parts of the plowing match. You have the RV park, you have the plowing matches itself, and you have the tented city. You are going to see live music, live entertainment, there are rodeos. You are going to see things that you have never seen before. You get to learn about agriculture. Just show up open-minded and expect to have a good time.”

The IPM runs September 17-21.