The writ has dropped and election season is officially underway.

The slate of Nickel Belt candidates is complete now that the Green Party has its candidate.

Casey Lalonde was chosen as the nominee over Erica Hendel and Kris Rivard.

“I’m just thrilled and humbled to have the honour of representing the Green Party in Nickel Belt,” Lalonde said, in a press release. “With the Green Party connecting with more and more people every day, I know that we’re going to surprise in this campaign. We’re connecting with people because we’re talking about the issues that are important to voters.”

Lalonde has been involved with the Green Party for a number of years, running as the candidate for the Green Party of Ontario in 2014 and 2018.

The other Nickel Belt nominees are Stef Paquette with the NDP, Aino Laamanen with the Conservatives, Mikko T. Paavola with PPC and incumbent Marc Serre with the Liberals.