The Ontario Government has announced it will contribute $240,000 for two projects that support the International Plowing Match.

From the site of the upcoming IPM, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli said the funding comes from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund and the $225,000 will be used for “infrastructure, for roads that are required into here, bleachers, culverts and $15,000 for marketing and to make the drive in from West Nipissing accessible.”

Fedeli added during the media day event at Tent City in Verner, “That is in addition to the $250,000 that we announced from Celebrate Ontario, so from the Province of Ontario, it is $490,000.”

The IPM has been estimated to attract close to 80,000 people over the five-day event while boosting the local economy by as much as $25 million. It will also help showcase the agriculture of the region and raise the profile of West Nipissing.

“Hosting IPM 2019 is a historic opportunity for West Nipissing and I am thrilled that the Province of Ontario is investing to help us capitalize on this once in a lifetime event,” said Neil Fox, who is Chairman of the Board for the IPM.

“By stepping up to the plate and investing in tourism infrastructure as well as effective marketing and promotions, the provincial government is helping to ensure the social and economic benefits of the IPM will last for many years to come.”

“People were quite surprised that 20 per cent of oats grown in Ontario are grown in the North, 50 per cent of canola grown in Ontario are grown in the North,” observed Fedeli.

“All of that is available for provincial consumption or for export. This will be a great opportunity to showcase whether it is maple syrup for export or products grown in the ground and packaged for export that we are open for business and open for jobs.”