For those looking for West Nipissing Council news, you might be waiting a bit.

After last night’s meeting, the next scheduled council date was to be September 17, but if you have been following along, that is when the International Plowing Match kicks off.

“The meeting of September 17th has been cancelled,” West Nipissing Mayor Joanne Savage stated. “We don’t want to delay in dealing with issues of the municipality that need to be dealt with. It also has to be a good balance and the week of the IPM will see all hands on deck, everyone is going to be busy.”

Considering there are an estimated 80,000 people who will make their way to West Nipissing the week of the 17th-21st, pushing back the meeting is appropriate as municipal resources will be tied up, Savage said. The next available council night would be on Tuesday, September 24, but there is no guarantee that meeting will be held either.

“We will need staff to put the agenda together and get us ready for council meeting, but if they are tied up on other issues that will prevent them from doing it so we will wait to see how it will go,” Savage explained.