The Municipality of West Nipissing is providing bottled water to residents of Verner experiencing discolouration with the municipal water supply.

The discolouration is being caused by higher levels of manganese in the Veuve River.

The municipality says because of ongoing fluctuations with the Veuve River this year, the manganese has been difficult to treat.

Despite the unappealing colour, which sometimes also has an undesirable taste and smell, the municipality says the water is bacteriologically safe.

Manganese is a naturally-occurring mineral and is distributed in water, soil and air.

Town Hall says it understands that residents are concerned about this ongoing issue.

West Nipissing council and staff have been looking at long-term solutions to rectify the problem permanently.

One measure, for now, is seeing the municipality work with the Ontario Clean Water Agency to adjust current treatment measures.

Those treatment measures remain compliant with provincial regulations.

The municipality hopes that the adjustments improve the discolouration situation by the weekend.

Bottled water is available at the Verner Fire Hall at 13 Principal Street West until 8:00pm this evening.

If bottled water is still available on Friday, the municipality will notify Verner residents about pick up hours on Friday.