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Lost blueberry pickers found safe and sound

It’s a happy ending for two women who became lost in Greater Sudbury while blueberry picking.

Police say originally three women were picking blueberries when one got separated from the other two.

The woman made her way to a shoreline where a boater saw that she was in distress, picked her up and got her close to an area where she had parked.

The woman then called police to explain her two friends were lost in the bush.

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Just as police began searching for the missing women, they learned that the same boater and some community members had found them.

Police are thanking those involved in helping the three women.

The incident has police reminding people what to do in case they become lost in the bush.

Police say above all, don’t become scared because fear is your worst enemy.

The temptation will be there to try and find your way out by walking but police say staying put actually makes it easier for search parties to find you.

Other suggestions are to ensure you tell someone the area you’re going and when you’re expected back, the number of people with you and carry a fully charged cell phone.

Another tip is three blasts from a whistle is the universal distress signal or three burning fires.

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