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Near North board recalls most of its teachers facing layoffs

First, it issued layoff notices to dozens of high school and elementary teachers, and now the Near North District School Board has cancelled many of those notices and recalling most of the affected educators.

The board is recalling 96 of its high school teachers and 45 elementary teachers.

Additionally, there’s the possibility that more of the board’s teachers still facing layoffs could also have their jobs back come September.

The board says it’s waiting for confirmation of specific funding from the Ministry of Education Priorities Fund and approvals of Section 23 applications that were submitted.

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It says depending on what information it gets back, it may be able to recall the 36 high school teachers still facing layoffs and 30 elementary teachers in the same boat.

The board says in cases where teachers are not recalled, they can apply for Long Term Occasional contracts.

This will give them access to short-term supply work.

In a prepared statement, board chair Jay Aspin says the Near North board is “pleased to be able to recall teachers”.

However, Aspin says because of declining enrolment, the 2019-2020 school year will have 252 fewer students.

He says the loss of that many students will see the board lose more than $2-million in education grants from the province.

Aspin adds the loss of this money in addition to other monetary reductions the board faces means the board has to staff its schools differently than it has in the past.

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