Volunteers who now sit on the various boards in the Municipality of West Nipissing may be compensated for their travel.

The issue of reimbursing the volunteers was raised by councillor Chris Fisher.

He believes some people don’t bother volunteering for various boards because the travel from one part of the municipality to another becomes expensive.

Fisher believes reimbursing the volunteers for their travel could change this and it also means people are no longer out of pocket for trying to serve.

Fisher says for a resident who lives 40 kilometres from a meeting, that to and from trip can start to add up.

Members of council discussed various dollar amounts but couldn’t come to an agreement.

A major reason is because not all boards meet every month.

One suggestion was to pay the volunteers on a per kilometre basis.

Because no consensus could be reached, council directed staff to come back with recommendations on the best way to approach reimbursing the volunteers.