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Chinese ambassador to Canada leaves amidst diplomatic dispute; Feds save tree planting program in Ontario

China wants to resolve feud with Canada but won’t budge on key issues

The dispute between Canada and China only appears to be getting worse as Beijing’s ambassador to Ottawa is leaving. Lu Shaye will become ambassador to Paris. While he said his country wants to resolve the dispute with Canada, he gave little leeway when asked about releasing two detained Canadians on espionage charges. He also considered the case closed when asked about the country blocking canola imports.

Canada to give Ontario tree program $15 over next four years

The 50 Million Tree project in Ontario is being given new life by the federal government. CBC News reports that Canada is putting up $15 million over the next four years to save the program that was axed by Doug Ford in the last budget. Canada’s Environment Minister said it means cleaner air, more jobs and a better overall environment.

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Cuts to legal aid leaving asylum seekers in Ontario in a tough spot

Provincial cuts to Legal Aid Ontario is affecting low-income residents including asylum seekers. The Globe and Mail reported the FCJ Refugee Centre in Toronto said the cuts are significantly impacting people who have escaped to Canada for safety. The centre added those people now have to go through the complicated refugee systems without much help.

Coffee bean prices lowest in 13 years but shop prices unchanged

While coffee bean farmers are losing money, the cost of a cup of Joe in Canada isn’t dropping. The price of beans is at a 13-year low because farmers in Brazil are producing too much product. Beans currently cost a third of what they did just over a decade ago, dropping to under  $1 US for a pound of Arabica beans.

Potential breakthrough in heart attack recovery

A new patch could regenerate the billions of cells lost during a heart attack. It is made of a patient’s own skin cells and sewn to the heart. Scientists in the U.K. have been testing it on rabbits where the blood vessels grew into the patch and became functioning parts of the heart. Human trials will start in the next two years.

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