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Tick season means the potential for Lyme disease

Public Health Sudbury and Districts is out with advice after a black-legged tick was confirmed to have the bacteria that can cause Lyme disease.

If not treated, Lyme disease can result in serious problems with a person’s heart, joints and nervous system.

It’s easily recognizable because it appears as a rash that looks like a bull’s eye.

Other disease symptoms can include fever, headache, muscle and joint pain.

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The health unit says if you find a tick embedded in your skin, use tweezers to remove it as soon as possible.

The technique to use is to grip the tick with the tweezers and then gently pull in a vertical direction.

After the tick is removed, wash the affected area with soap and water.

The health unit also suggests visiting your doctor especially if the tick was in the skin for more than 24 hours.

As for the tick that was removed, put it in a container and take it to your nearest health unit which will test it for Lyme disease.

People can avoid getting bit by ticks by dressing accordingly.

For starters, the health unit says wear long pants and sleeves when outside and use closed-toe shoes and also use insect repellant.

Change your clothing after being in the woods and avoid walking in tall grass.

Also keep areas from becoming overgrown with vegetation, bush and grass.

Keep wood piles and bird feeders away from homes.

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