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Program to help youth quit smoking loses provincial funding; Evacuee numbers grow to 10,000 in northern Alberta

Organization providing support to youths trying to quit smoking gets snuffed

A program aimed at getting youth to stop smoking in Ontario is shutting down due to cuts in funding. Leave the Pack Behind said the Ontario government decided to stop giving it the $1 million annually it needs to operate. The program has been around since 2000 and offered support to youth trying to quit.

Alberta wildfire grows to a quarter million hectares

More than 10,000 people have now been forced from their homes as a northern Alberta wildfire continues to burn out of control. The Chuckegg Creek blaze moved almost the length of an NHL hockey rink per minute overnight. The province’s forestry minister said the weather hasn’t been cooperating and the future doesn’t look better.

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Trump slaps Mexico with tariffs on all imports

After being close to the new NAFTA deal, U.S. president Donald Trump made an announcement that could compromise it. Trump said he is hitting Mexico with five percent tariffs on all imports to the U.S. The move is intended to put pressure on Mexico to crack down on migrants trying to cross into America.

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