If a career in the medical field is of interest to you, then make sure you’re in Sudbury June 20th.

On that day, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine will hold an admission information session on how students can enrol in the school.

The event is at the school’s Laurentian University campus at 935 Ramsay Lake Road and begins at 6:30pm.

Interested people should make their way to Room 107 of the Medical School Building.

The session will explain the requirements needed to be accepted in NOSM.

If you can’t make it to Sudbury, NOSM is providing a live online feed of the session where people can ask questions of the moderator.

To view the Sudbury event live online on your cellphone or computer send an email to admissions@nosm.ca for the instructions.

Alternatively, if June 20th doesn’t work, the admissions presentation will be available online after July 5th.

To view it visit www.nosm.ca and click the Live and Archived Webcasts button under Stay Connected.