Some good news from Jocko Point as the community has heard calls for assistance and has come through in a big way.

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Nipissing First Nation Administration reports — thanks to the efforts of Jocko Point residents, volunteers and donors — at this time there is no longer an urgent call for volunteers.

“The Community Centre is also well stocked with food. Miigwech (thank you) to everyone who has contributed!

“Students from several schools were out yesterday to help fill sandbags and are coming out again today. As a result, there is now a large stockpile of filled bags, sandbag walls were reinforced and made taller, and residents are optimistic that they are winning the war against flooding.

“The way Jocko Point has rallied together – coupled with the kindness and generosity of so many volunteers and donors – truly demonstrates the strength and resilience of this community. Now that the need for volunteers is receding, we can only hope the flood waters do the same soon.”