A three-way stop sign is coming to Dovercourt Road in West Nipissing and the roadway may also possibly see speed bumps.

At the core of the issue is an attempt to slow down traffic coming from Highway 64.

The speed limit on Dovercourt Road is 40 kilometres an hour.

However, councillor Lise Senecal, who lives on the street, says by the time motorists reach her home, some of them are doing 80 kilometres an hour.

There’s consensus on council to pursue the three-way stop sign.

But council has a fall back plan in case the stop signs aren’t enough.

Councillor Yvon Duhaime says, in theory, the stop signs should slow traffic down.

However, his colleague Dan Roveda says some motorists tend to speed away from the stop sign defeating its purpose.

Council will get a recommendation from its road superintendent on what type of speed bumps to implement if it comes to that.

The options are temporary speed bumps that are removed for the winter so the snow plows don’t tear them up during snow removal operations and longer grade speed bumps that would be permanent.

The bylaw for the stop signs is expected at the next council meeting and if necessary, the speed bumps would follow at a future time if traffic doesn’t slow down.