The West Nipissing Dream Catchers Theatre group could be getting a break from the municipality when it comes to meeting and storage space.

Spokeswoman Patricia Morin requested help from the municipality as the group tries to get a solid foundation during its first year and can stand on its own afterward.

Morin says Dream Catchers was formed because not every young person is into sports and taking part in plays is one way to keep young people busy.

Morin says, fortunately, Northern Secondary School is letting the group use its site where rehearsals are taking place for a play it has scheduled from June 19-21.

The play, Annie Junior, has 30 young children acting out roles in the production and eight positions where kids are working behind the scene.

But she says the school doesn’t have storage space the group can use nor can the parents meet at the school for their meetings.

Staff is looking to see if the library can be used as a meeting place.

Staff says it all depends on how large the meeting group is.

The storage option is also being considered.

Members of council were supportive of Dream Catchers on several fronts and acknowledged it will keep young people active.

However, on the issue of getting a financial donation from council, the group has to wait.

Mayor Joanne Savage says council is discussing the 2019 budget and the request for funding will have to come up at a budget meeting.

Savage says council will get back to Dream Catchers about the funding request.