As part of the government’s education plan, a new sex-ed curriculum will be introduced in West Nipissing, and all of Ontario’s schools.

Teachers had been directed to teach from an outdated 1998 sex-ed curriculum since the newly-elected Ford government removed the Liberals’ 2015 version from use last fall.

Critics note the 1998 model lacks lessons on online bullying, sexting, gender identity and same-sex relationships.

The Ontario government says it suspended the newer teaching model to address concerns from parents and to consult with education stakeholders.

Once the plan, named “Education that Works for You,” is implemented in May and then taught in September, parents will be able to opt their children out of health or sex-ed topics.

The Ministry of Education will make online resources available to those parents and students to discuss those topics at home.

According to Minister of Education Lisa Thompson, the sex-ed curriculum includes sections on body image and consent, has lessons on cannabis, while also teaching abstinence as an option for sexual health.