Fire service fees in West Nipissing are going to rise.

However, Fire Chief Richard Maranda says the increase won’t be major compared to the last time rates went up.

Maranda told West Nipissing council the last fee increase for fire services the municipality approved was 20 years ago in 1999.

Up until now someone who wanted a three-story apartment building inspected got the work done for $75.

Maranda says the cost for the same inspection will now cost $100.

In determining the new rates, Maranda says the department looked at three communities and what their respective fire departments charge for various services.

The three communities were North Bay, Elliot Lake and Pembroke.

Maranda says the same three-story apartment building inspection in Elliot Lake would cost $125.

In Pembroke, the same inspection sets back a landlord $60 while North Bay has the lowest rate, charging $41 for the inspection.

Council will formally approve the new service prices with a resolution at its next meeting.