The additional snow the region has received will no doubt result in a long winter.

However, when it comes to ice fishing, the season on Lake Nipissing will still end on March 15th, the same time as it has in previous years.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says the season will end for all species at that time despite the long winter.

Additionally, Conservation Officer Micha Plourde says all huts have to be off the ice by March 31st.

Plourde says anglers with huts still on Lake Nipissing could face charges.

Although there are still about four weeks left to the season, Plourde suggests anglers develop a plan now for how they will remove their huts from the frozen lake.

He emphasizes for anglers not to wait until the last minute to develop that plan.

Plourde says if at the start of the season, owners took steps by using skids for the huts to sit on so they don’t freeze into the ice, they should be easy to remove.

Plourde also says in addition to removing the huts, any and all debris near the huts have to be removed.

He says when debris becomes frozen in the ice and the ice begins thawing during spring, that debris becomes an environmental concern.

Plourde says there’s also a public safety factor at play here because, with debris, like wooden blocks, tarps and ice hut parts in the water, there’s the risk of a boater running into them once the leisure craft season gets underway.