Sudbury police say the actions of several people in the city helped prevent a potential tragedy on city streets after a man was found to be nearly five times above the legal alcohol limit and passed out in the vehicle he was driving.

Monday’s incident took place mid-afternoon in the Barrydowne Road – Lasalle part of the city when a person called city police to report the 42-year-old man passed out in a vehicle.

While police were on their way, other people removed the ignition key and held the man until police were on the scene.

No sooner had police started talking to the man than they got a strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

That was enough to arrest him on the scene.

Police carried out breath samples at police headquarters and the tests showed the accused blew nearly five times over the legal alcohol limit.

As a result, the man is charged with operation of a vehicle while impaired by alcohol, operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol level above 80 milligrams, driving while suspended and using unauthorized license plates.