In just eight months West Nipissing will begin welcoming tens of thousands of people as the municipality hosts the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo.

Verner is the site for the massive exposition which runs from September 17th to the 21st.

A tradition of IPMs is the host community puts together a cookbook of local and regional recipes and that’s what the West Nipissing IPM committee has done.

Spokesman Neil Fox says the cookbook, which is available at numerous sites throughout West Nipissing as well as in North Bay and Sudbury, contains 404 recipes spread across 455 pages.

Fox also says the $20 book also features “spectacular local images”.

The recipes are in English and French and some have been passed on through generations.

They represent the local flavour of Northern Ontario and include anecdotes with historical background.

Fox says 2,900 copies have been printed and adds the figure is based on past IPMs.

“We went through some data and 10 years of history,” he said.

“We took an average of the sales of the cookbooks at past plowing matches and roughly came up with a number so we’re not left with some books sitting on the shelves at the end of our match.”

The committee has sold more than 1,000 cookbooks since September including about 300 copies in Chatham-Kent which hosted the IPM last September.

For the locations selling the cookbook click the link.