A North Bay man charged with the first-degree murder of a Sudbury woman almost 21 years ago has to wait another week to see if he’ll be granted bail.

Thirty-nine-year-old Robert Steven Wright originally had his bail hearing scheduled on Wednesday in Sudbury before it was rescheduled.

Wright was arrested on Tuesday at the North Bay Regional Health Centre where he works as a lab technician.

He’s charged with the stabbing death of Renee Sweeney a video store employee in Sudbury who died at her place of work when she was stabbed 30 times.

Sudbury police took their case to North Bay last month and using DNA traced Sweeney’s death to the accused.

Since the arrest, police have been pouring over items they seized associated with Wright as the result of three search warrants.

They’re also interviewing witnesses.

At the time of Sweeney’s death, which was January 27th, 1998, Wright was an 18-year-old student at Lockerby Composite School in Sudbury.