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Fedeli attacks Liberal spending

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli is on the attack after the Liberals released their fall Economic Statement. Fedeli says even though the Liberals brag about Ontario’s economy improving, it’s actually getting worse. Quoting from an Ontario chamber of commerce report, Fedeli says Ontario will hit crisis mode that will have far-reaching effects. As the government is forced to pay more interest on the overall debt because it continues to grow, the money paid on the debt won’t be available for other programs like education and health. Fedeli called on the Liberals to do as the Ontario chamber suggests which is cut spending so programs aren’t threatened. Fedeli is also critical of the Liberals for blaming the federal government for its problems. He says contrary to Liberal claims that Ottawa short-changed Ontario by $600-million dollars in transfer payments, Fedeli says the Liberals’ own finance documents show they received $600 million more this year over last year. And he criticized the Liberals for saying they’ll use other tools to balance the budget which he says is code for new or higher taxes.

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