When it comes to homicides, West Nipissing has the dubious distinction of being ranked 9th in the country as the Most Dangerous Place.

The placing is from Maclean’s annual report where it ranks Canada’s most dangerous places.

Maclean’s arrives at its rankings based on the Crime Severity Index, which is a Statistics Canada measurement of all crimes reported to police.

Although the municipality has a high rating in the area of homicides when all crimes are tabulated West Nipissing ranks 119th, out of 237 communities.

The Maclean’s report shows cocaine trafficking is an issue because it lists West Nipissing in 51st spot as a Most Dangerous Place.

Firearm offences place next at 58th followed by violent crimes in 59th.

The number of robberies put West Nipissing in 71st spot as a most dangerous place and that’s followed by fraud cases (98) and cannabis trafficking (114).

On the positive front, youth crime falls low on the list placing 234th.

West Nipissing Police also don’t have as many impaired drivers on the road as other municipalities.

The number of impaired makes West Nipissing the 196th most dangerous place.

Sexual assaults get a ranking of 156th spot followed close behind by assaults in   159th place.

As for the Most Dangerous Place according to Maclean’s, it’s North Battleford, Saskatchewan.